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A Note on Anonymity Orders   

Date: 27 March 2018

Something clients at any stage of a claim can worry about is the less than positive effect damages could have on their lives. Some clients worry that a successful result may attract unwanted attention. Sarah and the team however, always stress that this is not something to they need to worry about due to certain measures that can be put in place the end of a case.

The measures that are in place are relevant to claims involving children, and cerebral palsy cases in particular, as referred to in our other articles about the disorder and our work with it. Essentially when cases involving children go to hearing after reaching settlement one of things the Judge can call for is an Anonymity Order.

This means that in all the official court documents the name of the child and their ‘Litigation Friend’ (usually one of the parents) are changed to a collection of letters so that their real names cannot be recognised. This is just done for the Claimants, never the Defendants.

Anonymity orders are now the norm for claims involving children and other protected parties (such as adults with learning difficulties who cannot handle their own affairs). This is because court documents in most claims [not family cases] are a matter of public record and this has sometimes caused Claimants to receive unwanted interest from different areas such as the press and estranged family members.

Whilst we and our clients have only experienced this on a couple of occasions, we welcome the increase in anonymity orders which protect children and their parents from unwanted attention.

As said although, these generally these orders are only available to the mentioned groups, other Claimants can ask for one with good enough reason.

We hope you have enjoyed this article and have found it informative. As usual if you have any questions to do with the legal process of a claim then do not hesitate to get in touch on 01253 356051 for free advice.