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Series Blog - Cerebral Palsy   

An Overview  

Date: 15 February 2017

This article is the first in a series focusing on the group of disorders that make up Cerebral Palsy and how Sarah and the team work with those who live with it.

Cerebral palsy cases are some of the most intense undertaken by the firm, due to both the level of work involved and their lengthy nature. However, these reasons, along with the young age of most of the clients, make them extremely rewarding to work on.

Cerebral palsy, and other birth injuries, are a specialist area for Sarah which she works on in a regular supply of cases.

In the last few months two cerebral palsy cases have been successfully completed, each recovering between eight and ten million pounds in damages.

As with many cerebral palsy cases, these clients sustained the damage that lead to the disorder around the time of birth. The first suffered foetal distress in labour, (meaning the baby experienced a lack of oxygen) and was not delivered soon enough. The second also suffered a lack of oxygen due to pressure on the umbilical cord cutting off the oxygen and blood supply.

In both of these cases there would have been signs of the distress the baby was suffering when the baby was being monitored which should have been spotted and acted upon sooner.

Cerebral palsy cases can take a long time to complete. The first client was diagnosed at around eighteen months, with proceedings starting soon after and the case completing when the child was ten. The second case started earlier as the client was diagnosed at a younger age as his condition was more severe. However, the case still took around eight years to settle.

Such length is par for the course unfortunately as these claims have no quick fixes. The effects of cerebral palsy develop as the child develops and it is generally accepted that the full extent of the condition cannot be determined until the child is aged around seven. To settle or conclude a case any earlier than that could result in a serious under-valuation.

These articles will go onto discuss cerebral palsy and what it is, the work Sarah does for families who are affected and what it is like living with the disorder.

Sarah finds working with these clients particularly rewarding. With the time that is spent and the connections that are built they provide a very worthwhile opportunity to help those affected by negligence, enabling them to live the best life possible.


As always if you, or anyone in your family, is affected by cerebral palsy do not hesitate to give us a call on 01253 356051 for free advice.


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