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Introduction to Sarah Barclay Medical Negligence LTD   

Date: 1 February 2017

We at Sarah Barclay Medical Negligence LTD. are not the grim-faced, hard-line people you might expect to find at a Medical Negligence firm. We aren’t the hard-faced stereotypes from the T.V; we are a group of real, caring people who just want to make a positive difference to people’s lives.

Sarah is a massive Manchester City fan (even back when they were rubbish) and Jackie, one of our PAs, is an arts and crafts genius. Our meetings are often filled with laughter, cup-a-soups and cake.

But that is not to say we are not serious about what we do.

We pride ourselves in getting the best results we can for our clients. Sometimes that even means persuading them not to take legal action; we know that sometimes it can be inappropriate and are well aware of the bad name it can give practices like ours. However, we know sometimes it is necessary and that we can be the difference between someone struggling to get by and helping them live the quality of life they deserve in their new situation.

Unlike other firms, we do not see our role as just winning damages for the client. We work with the clients and our experts to figure out how to use the money to best cope with the effects of a medical mistake. Whether that is by fitting a home for wheelchair access, getting equipment to help with everyday life or funding a medically advised holiday to Disney World, we do what we can to ensure our clients are as prepared as possible for the next step in their lives.

Sarah, and all of us in the team, prides ourselves at helping clients not only manage the unthinkable, but move beyond it and live the best life they can.

But this blog is not just a big PR spiel to make you like us. Instead we hope it will give you an insight to our work, to our wonderful team, to our brave clients, the conditions that they face and to the wider medico-legal world.

So read on and find out about us and things we deal with. Just like a day with Sarah and Trudy you’ll laugh, you’ll learn and you’ll probably end up hearing a lot about food.

And should the unthinkable happen and you have to contact us as a prospective client know that we will do everything we can for you and more and that, to us, the unthinkable isn’t something to fear.


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