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Looking Back At 2017   

Date: 5 February 2018

Following a relaxing festive period and busy January we thought we would take the opportunity to look back on another highly successfully year.

2017 started in dramatic fashion with the discount rate reduction, an article on which can be found here. Whilst there have been no formal developments since then it has remained a hot topic and we are pleased that the balance remains in favour of the Claimant.

We have successfully settled a lot of cases this year, and thought we would share some examples of the work we have been doing this year.

For those who have been following our Cerebral Palsy Series we are very pleased to say we have settled three cases. They were all for lovely families whom we will miss working with. However, we are very pleased to win the cases for them and proud to have a positive impact on their lives. Indeed one of the best parts of the job is keeping in touch with families like these and seeing how the damages can help them and how they are getting on.

In the summer we settled one of our most difficult cases, against a hospital in West Sussex regarding a specialist kind of gynaecological surgery. The surgery was new and radical so hard to criticise, which meant we had to get some very specialist expert evidence. It was clear from the start it would be a tough case, and at times it did look as if we would have to give up, but everyone worked extremely hard for the client and we were overjoyed to settle for a significant six figure sum.

As well as damages this year we managed to obtain written apologies for numerous clients. These offer a different kind of benefit to damages, often on an emotional level, and can mean just as much.

Last year we said goodbye to a lot of long standing clients who we have enjoyed working with over the years. But also took on a lot of new ones we are looking forward to working with and getting to know.

We look forward to another busy but rewarding year and wish everyone reading this the best for the year ahead.