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Oncology Training Day   

Date: 25 April 2018

In order to provide the best service for our clients we are always learning as the medico-legal world is constantly developing and changing. As part of this Sarah recently attended a training day run by the charity AVMA (Action against Medical Accidents).

Part of AVMA’s work, as well as providing support for victims of medical negligence, is to offer a support network and other resources for solicitors such as conferences and training events. AVMA is a well-established charity and has been an invaluable aid to Sarah and the team over the years, more information can be found on them here.

This training day focused on oncology and featured various guest speakers from different specialities. As usual with AVMA events like this the speakers were all experts at the top of their fields and provided insights into the medicine and issues that can arise in clinical negligence cases.

Of the speakers there were experts in breast surgery and clinical oncology talking about breast cancer and there was a lecture from a colorectal surgeon about bowel cancer. These talks focused on delayed diagnosis, a common basis for many of the oncology claims we work with. In these cases often symptoms aren’t picked up, such as a lump in the breast or blood in the stool, and acted upon quickly enough by a G.P or doctor.Proving that a delayed diagnosis caused a worsened outcome can be a difficult task so the information provided in these talks was extremely useful.

Following this there was an expert urological surgeon lecturing on prostate cancer. This was an important topic as it is the most common cancer in men.

We also heard from a professor of orthopaedic surgery who is a world leading expert in bone cancer. Thankfully, we do not see cases involving bone cancer very often, but it is a devastating condition, which is more common in children and young people.

As well as the focus on medicine there was also a specialist barrister giving a legal update in relation to cancer cases.

We have a lot of oncology cases relating to various different types of cancer. They can be difficult as proving that an earlier diagnosis or a different treatment would have made a difference is sometimes challenging. But we do have a lot of success in this area which is thanks, in part, to our keeping up to date with the developments in the medical world.

Training days like this can be vital for some of the cases we work with, especially uncommon and complex ones such as bone cancer. We would not be able to provide the service we do without them. It is also a chance to support AVMA who do brilliant work for the victims of medical negligence.

If you, or anyone in your family, has been affected by any issues relating to medical negligence and oncology please call us on 01253 356051 for free advice.