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To obtain justice, justice must be sought. Victims of clinical negligence - whether in Blackpool or elsewhere nationwide - can rely on my supportive team to progress their claim from initial consultation to final settlement.

Compensation is the only effective remedy provided by the law. Medical negligence victims might require expensive medication, round-the-clock care, long-term physiotherapy, corrective surgery or specially adapted homes. Many lose their jobs or spend months off work. Some people die as a result of clinical negligence, leaving grieving families in financial turmoil.

We provide the means by which victims of medical negligence are able to fight for the justice they deserve. Our goal is not necessarily to secure the largest settlement in every case; we aim to achieve the outcome that is most appropriate or desirable for the client.

Our approach is warm, friendly and objective. We are sympathetic to the needs of our clients, balancing the probability of success with personal targets. This careful management of expectations provides clients with a realistic opportunity to obtain justice.


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Our team deals with all aspects of clinical negligence. Claims for compensation are often brought against GPs who have misdiagnosed patients or prescribed the wrong medication. Surgical errors account for a large proportion of our work, while mistakes made by midwives, chiropractors, dentists and other healthcare professionals can also result in legal action. At every turn, we are there to help.